The ARCAM system is built around a 6-axis motion control robotic arm.
You can mount on it any kind of camera with a weight less than 8 kg.
Make the robot do whatever movements you want on a 2.8m diameter sphere. It is particularly suited for wide shot in movement. It can be used in close shot for Pan and Tilt movement or fixed one.
If you want to gain space on the floor, hang the robot properly on a wall or on the ceiling.
It doesn’t need any calibration and is fast to set up.
It is a collaborative robot that is built to work around people without any risks.

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  • Weight: 28,9 kg / 63,7lbs (bare configuration)
  • Payload: 8 kg / 22 lbs
  • Speed: Camera: Approx. 1 m/s / 39,4 in/s
  • Noiseless