This new conceptual helium balloon combines helium lift with kite-effect stability in the wind.
Thanks to his revolutionary hanging system, the Kitecam has a really small ground coverage for a flying height of 80 meters.
All the security rules and aviation regulation (FAA and EASA) are respected in order to use the Kitecam above cities and in public events.
His very strong envelope, small balloon of high pressure included, allows it to fly long hours during several weeks.
This Kitecam is also perfect for commercial announcements for the event’s sponsors.
The gyro-stabilised head Blackshark is rigged under the Kitecam and linked to the ground by an HD optical fiber and an electicity one.
Three persons are needed to rig the Kitecam in half a day.

  • Balloon’s diameter : 7m
  • Helium capacity: 170m3
  • Ground coverage (base): 10mx10m
  • Maximum regular wind: 40km/h
  • Maximum flying hight:  80 meters
  • Independance: several months and 23 hours/day

Kitecam video