Gyron Cine-G

This unit is the result of years of meticulous design and rigorous flight testing. The highest level of creative latitude and versatility has been engineered into this awesome closed architecture gimbal.
The Cine-G is the newest system with our unique inner gimbal design and steerable horizon, providing roll capability + or – 88 degrees. And more: it is completely stable, even at the long end of the 22X lens on the Sony F-23 camera.

  • 5-Axis Gyro-Stabilization
    • Pan Rotation: 360 Degrees Continuous
    • Tilt Rotation: +45/-75 (Adjustable To -125) Degrees
    • Steerable Roll Rotation: +/- 88 Degrees
  • Gimbal Rates: Up to 90 Degrees Per Second
  • Head Weight: 45kg including camera
  • Back Pan correction and targeted tracking
  • Camera: Sony F-23
  • Lens : HA 22 x 7.8
  • Head Control: joystick
  • Setup time: 30mn
  • Wireless & fiber control