X fly 3D cablecam

  • Xfly 3D cablecam Paris Grand Slam 2019

With the success of X fly in 1D and 2D, XD motion has developed a new X fly configuration allowing movement in 3 dimensions. Using the latest technology, the X fly 3D is based on 4 fiber ropes attachment points and allows the dolly to move left & right, up & down and forward & backward. Safety critical software ensures collision avoidance as well as repeatable flight paths. The pilot can concentrate on the camera shots without having to look at the dolly camera.

* Motion Control available

  • Double ropes fiber winches: double safety & fibers for 3D and Ultra HD/motion cameras
  • Compact winches 140 kg, less 1m cubic very light to install in the roof structure (catwalk)
  • Fiber control of cameras to the Gyro-stabilized camera HD/SDI, Painting
  • Low power brushless winches motors: 380 volts/32 amps.
  • Total weight for shipping: under 1,5 Ton
  • Hi-speed up to 12m/s & motion control software
  • Payload of camera dolly: 25kg
  • Maximum flight box: 250m x 250m x 50m (XYZ)