The integration of the ARCAM system on the RTl II studio


In March 2016 the Hungarian integrator Rexfilm contacted us following the request of their customers, the Hungarian mainstream TV channel RTL II, to use our Robotic Camera System in their studios.

Their demand? An ARCAM system on a 3 meter dolly track put on the ceiling.

To show them all the possibilities that offers the ARCAM system, we realized an online demo via Skype. Moreover, this video-conference allowed the integrator to talk directly to our technical team and so get the answers to all of their questions.

Once the deal was set, the integrator came to France in our offices to get trained by our engineers on our products during 3 days. Right after this training, we sent them the equipment and one of our engineers went to Hungary to supervise the integration and make sure everything goes well.


Name : RTL II

Activity : Broadcast television

Country : Hungary

Official website :

Their equipment : 1 ARCAM system with dolly fixed on the ceiling