The integration of the ARCAM system on the REN studio


In december 2014, XD motion sold his first ARCAM generation to REN-TV, and S-PRO was the integrator. Our customer have had some vibration problems with the robotic arm UR10 version. At that point, we decided to swift this arm to a new one.

Engineers company came to Moscow to do the robotic support.
Unfortunately, our customer was not able to use it for the way he bought it. We really apologize for that and for the user case communication on our web site.

XD motion use his best knowledge to return an operationnal system as soon as possible with the Universal Robot support.

Currently, the robot is on modernization, integration is scheduled for Q2 2018.


Name : RenTV

Activity : Broadcast television

Country : Russia

Official website :

Their equipment :  1 ARCAM system