Le Brio, by Yvan Attal

(Released on November 22)

Shooting in the amphitheater of Paris Assas with 700 extras and our X fly 3D. The difficulty was to hang the Cablecam at very low grip points.
Watch the trailer on Allociné.

Jurassic World 3

One of the most original shoot for our team in Hawaii for the next Jurassic World launch, in 3D 360 ° VR. Special feature of this shoot, besides the idyllic landscape : we used 3D cameras representing 200 kg on the dolly of our X fly 2D, and our head Stab C Compact, all in full motion control.




The MINI E-RAM consists of a Mini Moke and a Mini Russian Arm. The device used during this shooting was composed by a Mini Flight Head 3, an Alexa Mini and an Angénieux Optimo 24-76 mm lens. An Inspire 2 drone equipped with the new Zenmuse X7 6K gyro head in DNG format as well as a Movi M15 with remote-controlled Roll came to complete the equipment and the turning device during this project.


Our Porsche Cayenne and Mini Russian Arm were again asked for the new Peugeot advertising to promote its last 308 Racing Cup. The filming was made on the circuit of Croix en Ternois. A Sony FS7 has been used on our Mini Flight Head.

Audi A8 – “ Forget The Time ”

Original shooting under the Channel Tunnel (Eurotunnel) between Calais and London for the new Audi advertisement. For the occasion, the Mini Russian Arm was mounted on an Audi Sportsback A4 Diesel in order to meet the height limitation and safety standards imposed by the tunnel layout.

Renault in Morocco

Our Porsche Cayenne and Mini Russian Arm have been severely tested on the arid and rocky lands of Morocco during the shooting of the new Renault Duster commercial. Despite the dexterity of our driver, it earned us a flat tire !
Specificity of the filming : we found a way to send our vehicle and the required material at an inexpensive cost and in record time !

DJ Snake

For the shooting of a promotional video for the next album of the famous French DJ, DJ Snake, we used the Mini Flight Head equipped with an Alexa Mini on which was mounted an optics Angénieux Optimo 19.5-94 mm, all, installed on the Mini Russian Arm. Specificity of the shooting : it was conducted on a high speed circuit in the Parisian region.

Kia Motors France

Shot with our Mini Russian Arm in the heart of the French capital and through its heavy traffic. Watch the video here.



During those last months, we signed two partnership and we are very excited about it :

- First, we are proud to announce that we will be the next Semote retailer. This new product is a remote controller for RED and ARRI cameras.

- And the second partnership is one of the biggest news of the year ! We are proud to announce that we have a New Russian Arm Mini Package : THE MINI E-RAM.



- We are pleased to announce that we achieved our first flight with our TETHERED DRONE with 10kg which represents the payload of such an installation. Our brand new XD CAM HEAD was used for this flight.

- Our new gyro-stabilized head XD CAM is now available to renting, do not hesitate to contact us for further information about it.

- Also, don’t miss our collaboration with SONY’s HDC-P43 and our TETHERED DRONE which brochure can be viewed and downloaded here.


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