XD motion wishes you a very happy new year from the All Star Game!

The All Star Game was XD motion’s final shooting for 2019. 
It was wonderful to close the year with a world premiere technical package. The offering included a permanent X fly 3D installation in Paris Accor Arena, UHD 4k camera with HDR and HFR 6x Ultra Motion, (coupled with augmented reality thanks to our friends at DREAMWALL) including statistics, effects and sound synchronization!



MRMC Partnership Bolt

As 2019 closed, it was a busy time for us as we also signed a new partnership that we are very excited about. We are proud to announce our exclusive collaboration with MARK ROBERTS MOTION CONTROL (MRMC) for BOLT High Speed robots!



New generation Arcam iO.BOT

Our new partnership is a great reminder of the progress we made since buying a company a few months ago, allowing XD motion to expand our expertise to full motion control through a 6 axis robotic arm, the Arcam, with its IO.bot software.

Built for TV shooting, the standard speed 6 axis robotic arm is built to work around people without risk, while providing full motion control. Programmed to move on 3D inside a virtual 2.5 m diameter sphere, an optional dolly can support the arm upside down. XD motion developed the IO.Bot software to be used with a highly ergonomic interface, optimized for broadcast use.


X fly 3D Augmented Reality, HDR, HFR, Super Slow Motion and UHD

2019 saw us deliver several Augmented Reality Live events and we are proud to further the development of augmented reality shooting with real time graphic AR integration. We recently provided that system for the European elections at the European Parliament and for the biggest E Sport competition in Belgium, the E-Sport Games. The Fête des Vignerons in Vevey was also a success and was covered live by the Xfly 3D in UHD 4K covering 40 shows in a condensed period of time.


Showing at AFC Micro Salon
January 16th and 17th

We will be at the AFC Micro Salon, to present our Arcam system, Mini Xfly, GSS Systems and Tethered Drone. We have announcements and projections planned, join us!



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