XD Motion is proud to announce its partnership with the company GSS. We are now their exclusive distributor for sales and services using their gyro-stabilized systems.

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GSS C520, C516, B520 and B516:

Lighter, smaller, more flexible, easier to ship ….

Why GSS systems?

Because they are the latest advanced products in the industry. 5-axis systems designed to evolve with technology thanks to free software updates.

What are the most important advantages of GSS systems?

Platforms created to integrate easily new cameras. Camera and lens payloads in an interchangeable and upgradeable system. They have an increased ground clearance, more aircraft mounting, they are more robust due to less complexity. GSS systems are easier to ship as excess baggage. No ITAR or EAR export restrictions.

What are the differences between the C series and B series?

C for Cinema Series with digital camera and B for Broadcast Series.

Why 520 and 516?

The GSS C516 and B516 are the smallest with a gimbal diameter of 16 inches (406mm) against 20 inches (508 mm) for the GSS C520 and B520.

Regarding their different diameters the GSS C520 and B520 are great products for the largest camera/lens payload configurations.


C520 and C516 è Camera/Lens Options (Interchangeable):

• Cameras Options C520 and C516

• Lenses Options C520 and C516

Sony F55

Red Dragon


HDCP1 Sony



Angenieux Optimo Series

Canon Cinema Series

Zeiss Master Prime 14 to 100 mm

Canon 50 to 500 mm 4K

Arri 9,5 to 18 mm

*Other cameras and lenses available upon request

B520 and B516 è Camera/Lens Options (Interchangeable):

• Cameras Options B520 and B516

• Lenses Options B520 and B516

Sony HDC-2500L

Sony HDC-P1

Sony PMW-F55 with B4 Adapter


Canon HJ40x10

Canon HJ40x14

Fujinon HA42x9.7

Fujinon HA42x13.5

*Other cameras and lenses available upon request

Video GSS demo real:

For more details, please contact Benoit Dentan:

bdentan@xd-motion.com / +33 130660534